Zippy To Speak Out On Boston Globe’s Dumping ‘Zippy’

08PrezwebAfter the hardworking staff posted this yesterday about the Boston Sunday Globe’s scandalous jettisoning of Zippy from its comics pages, we wrote to Bill Griffith to let him know we were on the record with our protests.

And here’s what he sent back:

This is the Globe’s boilerplate response, which you may have seen:

Thanks for writing. Zippy will remain in our daily comics pages, just not Sunday. But it has been around for a long time, and like all our cartoon strips we are constantly evaluating new ones that come along that we think will keep those pages fresh. We think WuMo is a good example of that and over time readers will come to appreciate its humor. We, of course, know that all comic strips are subjective, and what one reader thinks is hilarious, another may not find funny at all. Every time we change a strip, we hear from some readers who are thrilled at the change and others who don’t understand it. But as with everything we do, we always appreciate our readers’ feedback and take it seriously.
Best regards for the holidays,
Doug Most

I’m working on a strip “about” the whole thing today—it’ll run in a month or so.

Meanwhile, people should continue to protest Zippy’s removaal from the Sunday Globe—editors do pay attention to this sort of pressure.

Let’s hope they both do.

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