Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (WGBH/David Koch Edition)

The latest Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight featured an interesting contrast in the two local media hall monitors’ coverage of the WGBH/David Koch rumpus.

Start with Underdog Press Party, the Boston Herald’s weekly Wayne’s World webcast. Its latest edition led with a segment about things not going better with Koch at “the pricey headquarters of WGBH.”

Representative samples:

• David Koch is the Big Bird of donors – 18 million bucks

• These people are way out of line – the controversy is ridiculous

• The guys outside WGBH are tree-hugging liberals who probably can’t rub two pennies together – they will never be on the [WGBH] board of directors

And a rare moment of sanity from Doctor Bob Rosenthal: “David Koch is clearly not doing it for political gain – he’s doing it from the goodness of his heart because he loves Nova.”

Crosstown at Big Dog WGBH, this led their Beat the Press edition.


Representative samples:

• Since 2000 WGBH has produced 12 films on climate change, nine of them by Nova crediting a donor who supports organizations that deny global warming is awkward at best

• Koch himself hasn’t denied climate change, but organizations he supports have

• There’s no evidence that he’s interfered with programming that isn’t about him directly, even if it expresses views he disagrees with

• I think the idea of having litmus tests for donors is troubling

• As long as there’s transparency on who the donors are and where the money is going, I think that’s where it ends

And that’s where we end.

One town. Two different places.

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2 Responses to Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (WGBH/David Koch Edition)

  1. bob gardner says:

    The protesters, so far as I can tell, demanded that Koch be taken off the WGBH board. AT BTP the panelists replied “we can’t possibly return all that money” –almost unanimously (there was some hedging by Callie Crosley) defending the station from a demand nobody made.
    They don’t just pass out seats on the WGBH board as a reward for donating. do they? At BTP, they seem to think that being put on the WGBH board is a financial transaction, and that they would have to return Koch’s purchase price if they didn’t give him what he paid for.
    Koch should have to take a tote bag, like the rest of the contributors.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Actually, Bob, it’s likely they do pass out seats on the board as a reward for donating. Even so, we tote-ally agree with your conclusion.


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