Corrections o’ the Day (NYT Kurt Andersen Edition)

From Tuesday’s New York Times Corrections 

Let’s start small:


The Letter From Paris article on Sept. 21 about the efforts of Kristen Beddard, an American, to introduce kale to the French misstated the size of the house of Hermione Boehrer, who grows the vegetable on her farm near Paris. It is 130 square feet, not 30 square feet.

Slightly roomier, yes?

This, however, is large:


The Advertising column last Tuesday, about events during the first day of Advertising Week, misattributed several comments made during a panel that was part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Conference and Expo 2013.

It was the moderator, Kurt Andersen — not a panelist, Ken Auletta — who expressed disappointment that “by now, 15, 20 years into the Web,” there are fewer “indigenous news entities online” than he had anticipated, saying that the “commentary and aggregation” supplied by so many Web sites is not sufficient replacement for journalistic reportage. It was also Mr. Andersen who joked that many Web sites that specialize in cat pictures actually “aggregate cat pictures; they don’t even make them.” And it was Mr. Andersen who said  that if the news media were once “news and a couple of pages of Op-Ed,” the news media now are too often “Op-Ed and a couple of pages of news.”

The column also described Studio 360 incompletely. It is a radio program that is also a podcast; it is not just a podcast.

So Kurt Andersen isn’t quite so curt after all.

We sort of knew that, didn’t we?


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1 Response to Corrections o’ the Day (NYT Kurt Andersen Edition)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    At least he didn’t accuse all of those media republishers as being “curators”.

    That REALLY would have muddied the mighty Mississippi

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