At Last! A Team That Choked Worse Than The 2004 Yankees

As a Made Yankee Fan in Boston, the hardweeping staff has lived with the specter of the 2004 ALCS meltdown by the Bronx Bumblers for lo! these many years.

But now comes a team that went even more Chernobyl than the Yanks.

Say hello to Team New Zealand, which yesterday lost the America’s Cup to Team USA in spectacular fashion.



Is New Zealand’s loss in the America’s Cup the worst choke in the history of sport?

GREG Norman, eat your heart out.

Despite long boasting the greatest choke in Australasian sport, courtesy of that 1996 US Masters meltdown,  Queensland golfer Norman has now been usurped by the unlikeliest of sources – a bunch of Kiwi sailors.

On the cusp of the greatest America’s Cup victory since Alan Bond, John Bertrand and that secretive winged keel, the boys aboard Team New Zealand blew an 8-1 series lead to lose the America’s Cup to Team USA.

They have now etched their names alongside that great list of global chokers which not only includes the Great White Shark, but also Jana Novotna in tears at the ’93 Wimbledon final and Jean Van de Velde, trousers rolled up to his knees, in that 18th water hazard at the 1999 British Open.

Wait – just Brits who folded like origami? No mention of the Greatest American Sports Choke Ever?

Shades of Fog in Channel: Continent Cut Off.

Anyway – cheers to the Kiwis.

Misery loves company, mates.


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3 Responses to At Last! A Team That Choked Worse Than The 2004 Yankees

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    At the end of its local addendum to the NPR news at the top of the hour, WBUR radio makes only the most cursory reference to sports. It’s usually along the lines of “the Red Sox won or lost last night”, the score, and possibly the team they’re playing that night (same with the Kelltics and the Broonz). This morning, Thursday, 09/26, the newsreader made a point to report that the Yankees were excluded from playoff contention. No mention was made of the twenty or so other American League teams also so excluded. Did somebody at Boston U insert this just to fry your nose?

  2. Speaking of misery loving company.

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