Bikers Beware! Brookline Cops Busting Sidewalk Cyclers!

As we made our merry way to school the past two mornings, the hardwalking staff has observed bike riders being nabbed by Brookline police right at the Brookline/Boston line and issued . . . something – maybe a ticket, maybe a warning, don’t know.

But we do know that a local resident named Frank Caro wrote this piece for the Brookline TAB  ten days  ago:

Time to talk about bicycles on sidewalks in Brookline

Brookline – Use of sidewalks needs to be part of Brookline’s discussion about accommodating the growing number of bicyclists. Fortunately, most bicyclists ride in the streets. However, some bicyclists ride on the sidewalks, and do so even when the sidewalks are narrow and there is pedestrian traffic. From a pedestrian perspective, these bicyclists are a safety hazard.

I am writing as a pedestrian advocate for BrooklineCAN. Because we want to encourage walking by people of all ages, we want Brookline sidewalks to be safe. We are concerned about injuries pedestrians may suffer if they are hit by a bicycle on a sidewalk. Falls are particularly a concern for seniors, because they often result in serious injuries.

Caro writes that last spring “the Brookline Transportation Board quietly put in place regulations concerning operation of bicycles on sidewalks.” They prohibit adults/teens from riding bikes on sidewalks in commercial areas. But there’s a loophole: “Operators of bicycles are not permitted to ride on sidewalks at speeds greater than ‘ordinary walking speed.'”

Of course, Caro says, it’s tough to ride that slowly, so most don’t. Thus, the tickets.

Cue the Letters column:

Too many bike v. pedestrian close calls

Roads too dangerous to ban bikes from sidewalks

What bicyclists and pedestrians have in common

Bikes on sidewalks = ‘lethal threat’

We’ll let you know if the cops are still addressing the lethal threat tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Bikers Beware! Brookline Cops Busting Sidewalk Cyclers!

  1. They could leaf-blow the cyclists off the sidewalks.

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