Baker’s Double In Boston Globe?

Would Charlie Baker by any other name be more electable?

From today’s Boston Globe (print headline):

06baker01Baker working to project a warmer image

GOP candidate for governor vows to listen, not repeat ’10 mistakes

SWAMPSCOTT — Seated next to his wife on Thursday morning in the sun-soaked foyer of their sprawling home, Charles D. Baker said friends had approached him after he lost his 2010 challenge to Governor Deval Patrick with a damning verdict on the level of authenticity he had projected on the campaign trail.

“The guy I know, I didn’t see him,” Baker said they told him.

Lauren Baker laughed, “I even felt that way.”

Hey, imagine how we feel. We thought his name was Charlie . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.


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2 Responses to Baker’s Double In Boston Globe?

  1. Al says:

    Has anyone thought that, regardless of Charles or Charlie, voters saw and heard Baker, and knew what he stood for, and rejected that, not his persona? Changing the tone this time around doesn’t change the message. Speaking differently doesn’t change what he believes in, and how he would govern.

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