Flash Flood Of Data Mining At The Weather Channel

Your bad hair day is good news for The Weather Channel.

From the Wall Street Journal:

PJ-BP966_WEATHE_G_20130814192117Weather Channel Now Also Forecasts What You’ll Buy

Company’s Data Helps Fine-Tune When and Where Advertisers Should Place Spots

The Weather Channel knows the chance for rain in St. Louis on Friday, what the heat index could reach in Santa Fe on Saturday and how humid Baltimore may get on Sunday.

It also knows when you’re most likely to buy bug spray.

The enterprise is transforming from a cable network viewers flip to during hurricane season into an operation that forecasts consumer behavior by analyzing when, where and how often people check the weather.

The Journal reports that “[s]pecific data from the Weather Co. that pairs the exact location and climate a [person] is in allows for highly targeted advertising.”

Helpful graphic . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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