When Did Gail Huff Change Her Name?

Are we experiencing a Hillary Rodham – uh, make that Clinton – moment here in Massachusetts?

From the redoubtable David Bernstein’s Boston Magazine blog:

No politicians—no politician—goes to Iowa by accident. Former US Senator Scott Brown is not just going to Iowa on Sunday, he is going for the State Fair, and he is going in the first year of the 2016 election cycle. And on top of that, he is giving this kind of quote to the news media there:

“I’m going to be coming out more often to try to determine whether there’s an interest in my brand of leadership and Republicanism,” Brown told The Des Moines Register in a telephone interview this afternoon.

Oh, and by the by, Brown also just happened to mention something else to the Register:

“his wife, Gail Brown, a TV reporter, was born in Iowa and still has relatives in the Winterset area, he said.”

Really? Gail Brown?



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5 Responses to When Did Gail Huff Change Her Name?

  1. Kevin says:

    Will to bet it’s a reporter’s assumption…..

  2. Maybe the Browns are playing their curious hand?

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