Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Parallel Universes Edition)

This week’s Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight saw the local media hall monitors go their separate ways in the topics they chose.

Start, as usual, with the Underdog Boston Herald Press Party. Its Wayne’s World webcast began with host Joe Battenfeld saying this:

Hello and welcome to Press Party. Whitey Bulger is guilty but what’s the verdict on the media coverage of the trial of the century? And we’ve got breaking news: The president is eating French fries and playing golf – again. We’ll talk about why critics are teeing up the media for going soft on Obama’s pricey Vineyard vacation.

Ha-ha! The Pressniks also discussed the use of amateur video by news organizations, the Jason  Wolfe defenestration at WEEI, and Howie Carr’s legs. (View here at your own peril.)

Meanwhile, crosstown at Big Dog WGBH, there was real breaking news on Beat the Press.


Beyond that topic, the Beatniks discussed the NPR ombud’s blowtorching of the public broadcaster’s investigative series on So. Dakota’s foster care system for American Indians, and whether journalism is still a viable career. And the obligatory Rants ‘n’ Raves, of course.

So, notice where the two shows intersect? That’s right – nowhere. Last week they occupied entirely separate information universes, just as the Herald and the Boston Globe do much of the time.

The one topic they would normally have had in common was the Jared Remy story, except the Herald throws Press Party on the web Thursdays at 6 pm. So it missed the biggest media story of the week.

We are not worthy, anyone?


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