Dead Blogging ‘Portrait Photographs of Artists’ At WAM

Well the Missus and I trundled out to Worcester to catch Portrait Photographs of Artists at the Worcester Art Museum and say, it’s a corker.

From WAM’s website:


“Almost 110 years ago, WAM became one of the first institutions to exhibit photography as a fine art. It knew what it was doing then. It knows what it’s doing now.”
Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe (read the full review)

It is a long-held truism of art history that representational artists often invent figures that look like themselves. For many viewers, there is a perception that knowing how an artist looks helps one better understand the artist’s experience, and perhaps relate more directly to their work. Drawn from the permanent collection of the Worcester Art Museum, “Portraits of Artists” will present sixty photographic portraits chronicling over a century of American and European artists. There are formal portraits, images intended for publication, and snapshots of artists at work and play. Further, many of the wide-ranging painters, sculptors, photographers, and printmakers featured in this exhibition are can be found in other galleries throughout the Museum.

Other images include Robert Doisneau’s spare portrait of Otto Dix:



and Doisneau’s playful photo of Pablo Picasso with baguettes for fingers:



The whole show is a revelation, and well worth the drive west.


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1 Response to Dead Blogging ‘Portrait Photographs of Artists’ At WAM

  1. Love WAM. Gotta get out there and see this. Thanks!

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