Dead Blogging The Boston Mayoral Forum At The BPL

Well the hardworking staff trundled down to the Boston Public Library yesterday afternoon to catch the Education Matters: Boston Mayoral Candidate Forum hosted by MassINC, The Boston Foundation, TeachPlus, and others.

The forum went from 5:30 to 7 pm, and suffice it to say if you chose “longer school day” for your drinking game, you were knee-walking by 5:50.

Other highlights:

• Outside the BPL, there were lots of Charlotte Golar Richie signs on lampposts, and three Bill Walczak signholders.

• Inside the BPL there was a sign that said No Campaign Literature Allowed in the Library.

• In the Live Feed Overflow Room, there was a big screen that featured a wide shot from the back of the Rabb Lecture Hall, which showed all the candidates in miniature – a perfect metaphor for the mayoral campaign at this stage.

• Inside the Rabb Lecture Hall, the eight candidates who showed up – John Barros, Daniel F. Conley, John Connolly, Charlotte Golar Richie, Mike Ross, Bill Walczak, Marty Walsh, and Charles Yancey (Felix Arroyo was a no-show) – delivered the predictable bromides about supporting the Boston Teachers Union (“stop scapegoating teachers!”), challenging the Boston Teachers Union (“start scapegoating teachers!”), expanding charter schools (“how can you limit something that works?”), limiting charter schools (“let’s make all schools great!”), retaining outstanding teachers (“great teachers matter!”), supporting arts education (“arts programs matter!”), and etc.

• The hardwatching staff happened to be sitting next to a Boston public school teacher who punctuated the proceedings with, variously, Oh, brother, Thank you! and Um-hmm! 

• There should have been a cash register on stage so that every candidate proposal with a cost attached to it would trigger a ka-ching!  That’s the theme song for the Boston mayoral rumpus right now.

• Over all, the forum was really interesting. In a boring sort of way.


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4 Responses to Dead Blogging The Boston Mayoral Forum At The BPL

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    Was the discussion limited to education? Or was education the only thing the candidates wanted to talk about?
    I think the first candidate who makes a connection between the tax exemptions given to colleges and the sweetheart loans those institutions give to star professors has a pretty good issue. The NYT had a good article this week about NYU.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      The forum was strictly about education, Bob – hashtag #EduMayor. But the issue of non-profit college loans to profiteering educators is a good one.


  2. I’m having issues with the use of the word “trundle” in a non art-related post. Not sure if the fact that what is clearly a political event took place in a library makes its use a stroke of genius, or simply a mixed-metaphor.

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