TNR = Truly No Revenue

When Chris Hughes, the Richie Rich of opinion journalism, bought The New Republic last year, he said he would sink real money into the print edition.

He wasn’t kidding, as the most recent edition

The 64-page magazine features exactly one-and-a-third pages of advertising, along with ads on the inside front cover and the back cover.

That’s the print version of a three-hit shutout in baseball.

Former New Republic owner Marty Peretz has criticized Hughes for turning the magazine into a house organ of the Democratic Party. But Timothy Noah, former senior editor and columnist at The New Republic (read: fired by Hughes), has a more trenchant assessment. Noah recently told Politico that Hughes “might be a young man with more money than sense.”

Ya think?

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One Response to TNR = Truly No Revenue

  1. Man, I wish I had more money than sense. Wait – if I did, would I know?

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