Strong Boston ™ Push For ‘Boston Strong’

From Tuesday’s APM Marketplace:

bostonstrongCan you trademark a rallying cry like ‘Boston Strong’?

The phrase “Boston Strong” became part of the vernacular last week, after the attack on the Boston Marathon.

It was printed on posters. It was on “The Green Monster” – the left field wall at Fenway Park. It also appeared on t-shirts. Now, a Massachusetts resident and an apparel company that’s based there argue they should be able to register “Boston Strong” as a trademark.

One of the interested parties is Born Into It, which “claims it has no intention of policing the trademark. It wants to make sure others don’t profit from it.” (Statement here.)

The Massachusetts resident? Kerim Senkal of Allston, Mass. (Tip o’ the pixel to The Huffington Post.)

Expect a Boston Strong backlash, yeah?

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3 Responses to Strong Boston ™ Push For ‘Boston Strong’

  1. I’m pretty sure I was the first to say “Even a broken clock is right twice a day,” and you don’t see me trying to trademark it. Mostly ’cause it never occurred to me to do so.

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