Why The News Media Is Like A Game Of Twister

Apparently there’s no story too marginal, too convoluted, or too small for the news media to pursue these days.

Exhibit Umpteen, via The Daily Caller:

Majid-Majidi-e1363582246774Iranian filmmaker behind new Mohammed biopic also worked on 2008 film with Warren’s son-in-law

An Iranian filmmaker who has worked with Elizabeth Warren’s producer son-in-law is currently making a pro-Mohammed biopic that will portray the Muslim prophet, but not show his face.

The filmmaker, Majid Majidi, has been working since October on the $30 million film about the life of the prophet Mohammed, whom he has long praised. Majidi’s public statements hyping the film have included strong criticisms of Western nations and the state of Israel, and comparisons between the American media and the Nazi propaganda machine.

Ooooo-kay. And we need to know this why?

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s son-in-law Sushil Tyagi produced a 2008 film by Majidi, entitled “The Song of Sparrows,” during Tyagi’s tenure as president of Algorithmic Productions. That film, which was set in Tehran, was nominated for an American Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It did not contain anti-Western sentiments, and Majidi had not publicly voiced any intense disdain for Israel or the West during or before its production.

Yes, but then there’s this: “Prior to 2008, however, Majidi had expressed opposition to critical depictions of Mohammed.”

So, to recap: The son-in-law of Elizabeth worked on a film five years ago with this guy Majid Majidi who hadn’t criticized Israel or the U.S. but did want to safeguard the image of Mohammed.


This is news only in a media universe where information is valuable largely as a weapon.

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4 Responses to Why The News Media Is Like A Game Of Twister

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    Don’t spoil my memories of twister.

  2. I’m willing to hold up nominations over this.

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