Why The New York Times Is A Great Newspaper (GNC Jack3d Edition)

From Sunday’s New York Times Business section:

17-GNC-articleLargeIs the Seller to Blame?

Workout Supplement Challenged After Death of Soldier

EVERY morning as she gets dressed for her accounting job, Leanne Sparling hangs her son’s military dog tags and a photograph of him in uniform around her neck. She wears the tags on the outside of her clothes, hoping to prompt strangers to ask about him. “When I do tell them what happened,” she says, “they are in total disbelief.”

Her son, Michael Lee Sparling, was a 22-year-old Army private when he died. But he wasn’t killed by a roadside bomb or an ambush in Afghanistan. He collapsed while running in formation for about 10 minutes with his unit at Fort Bliss, Tex., went into cardiac arrest and died later that day, on June 1, 2011.

Private Sparling had recently graduated from basic training and was in excellent physical condition. Before the exercise, he had taken the recommended dose of a workout supplement called Jack3d, bought at a GNC store on the base, according to legal filings.

Leanne Sparling and her husband, Michael, blame Jack3d for their son’s death, the Times report says. “It is the only way, they say, they can make sense of a healthy young man dying from cardiac arrest. Last month, they filed a wrongful-death lawsuitagainst USPlabs, the maker of the supplement, and GNC. They argue that the companies sold a defective product and failed to warn about its risks . . . ”

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Four-Daily Town.


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2 Responses to Why The New York Times Is A Great Newspaper (GNC Jack3d Edition)

  1. I sent this to my trainer and this was his response:

    “This stuff is terrible. It’s unbelievable how unregulated the supplement industry is. These kids are suckers for all of it too. When I spoke at the [redacted] School about nutrition and supplements this is exactly why they brought me out. When I asked how many kids took a pre workout like Jacked3d or NOXplod literally 80 percent of the 300 kids raised their hands. One kid who told me he’s currently still taking it also has congenital kidney problems – it’s like a disaster waiting to happen.

    All the while none of these kids can clean or squat their body weight or do a good push-up or chin-up.”

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