Patr(id)iot Rob Gronkowski Bilocates In Boston Media

First there was this note in Monday’s Boston Herald Inside Track:

ESPN The Magazine's "NEXT" EventTracked down: Rob Gronkowski, Chauncey Billups, Doc Rivers and more…

Patriots party boy Rob Gronkowski down in New Orleans making the rounds of the Super Bowl soirees including the ESPN The Magazine bash and the Leather and Laces hoedown with bros Chris and Dan 

Then there was last night’s NewsCenter 5 at 11 report that featured this video of Gronkowski in Las Vegas last night:


And finally there’s this in today’s Herald:

Rob Gronkowski spotted dancing, wrestling with broken arm at Las Vegas club

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was captured in a TMZ video last night dancing on stage at XS, which is a nightclub in Las Vegas. A shirtless Gronkowski was wrestling with a friend on stage, and he slammed his friend to the ground, which caused Gronkowski’s broken left arm to flail back and hit the stage. Gronkowski didn’t appear to be in any pain, though. He was still wearing the long black cast that extended from the bottom of his forearm to beneath his shoulder, which he also wore last week in New Orleans.

So wait – Gronkowski went to the Super Bowl parties but left before the game to go to Las Vegas?

Apparently so.


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3 Responses to Patr(id)iot Rob Gronkowski Bilocates In Boston Media

  1. Paige says:

    Well on his way to “flash in the pan” status. Where are his handlers? His parents must be proud.

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