Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin! (Mystery LGBT Group Edition)

Will the real LGBT group currently whacking Chuck Hagel (R-Secretary of Playing Defense) please stand up?

From BuzzFeed:

Mysterious LGBT “Group” Pays For Ad Opposing Chuck Hagel

A liberal who has clashed with Obama about the pace of action on LGBT rights says the group behind “Use Your Mandate” ad is “chicken” for not revealing the funders’ names. The ad is scheduled to run on several Sunday news shows.

WASHINGTON — People associated with two prominent LGBT organizations — one loyal to President Obama for the most part and the other one of his loudest critics on the left — disclaimed any knowledge Saturday of the funding source for a TV ad opposing former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination for defense secretary that is scheduled to run during multiple Sunday morning news shows.

The Huffington Post reported that the group placing the ads is calling itself “Use Your Mandate” and stated that the group is “made up mostly of Democrats and independents” who are “choosing to stay anonymous” for now.

The spot:


More on the Use Your Mandate kerfuffle, if you really care.

Here’s guessing you really don’t.

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