That’s Just So Mean! (Elizabeth Warren Edition IV)

From Sunday’s Boston Herald:

Liz Warren stumps for her ‘tutor’

With months of fiscal wrangling ahead on Capitol Hill, newly christened — and soon-to-be senior — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called retiring Bay State Congressman Barney Frank an “extraordinary” choice to temporarily fill John Kerry’s seat yesterday, adding to what mounted to an impassioned stump speech for the Newton Democrat.

Warren, speaking at a mock swearing-in ceremony to celebrate her admission as Massachusetts’ first female U.S. senator, lauded Frank for his fiscal prowess, calling him “my tutor, my guide” and a “champion” of consumer protection.

Too bad there’s no champion of Warren protection, because this is the photo that accompanied the story:

Boston Herald Media



The Herald couldn’t get Warren at the ballot box. But they sure nailed her in the picture frame.

(For Elizabeth Warren Editions I, II, and III of That’s So Mean! see here.)

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6 Responses to That’s Just So Mean! (Elizabeth Warren Edition IV)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    I guess she is just practicing to look like her mentor, Barney.

    Don’t stand too close without wet weather gear on.

  2. Michael Pahre says:

    The Boston Globe was so mean, they managed to make Miss Universe look like crap:

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