Dead Blogging Artist Talks At The Boston Sculptors Gallery

On Saturday the Missus and I trundled down the South End to catch the Boston Sculptors Gallery‘s Traditional & Non-Traditional Sculptural Materials in a Contemporary Context, a series of artists talks that was much more interesting than that title might imply.

As described by the gallery’s Facebook page:

“Traditional and Non-Traditional Sculptural Materials in a Contemporary Context” . . .  features talks by Laura Baring-Gould (“Salt & Honey, Bees & Space”), Donna Dodson (“Storytelling and Sculpture”), Roz Driscoll (“Rawhide: From Coracle to Cinema”), Peter Lipsitt (“Past / Presence”), Susan Lyman (“Locally Grown Sculpture in Wood”), Nancy Milliken (“Documenting the Ephemeral”), Larry Pollans (“Mud”), Hannah Verlin (“Paper & Other Ephemera”), Joe Wheelwright (“Nature’s Art”) & Andy Zimmermann (“Projections in Three Dimensions”).

Remarkably, each of the artists was articulate, concise, and interesting. (“Remarkably” because the Missus and I have routinely experienced the opposite at similar events.)

The second part of this artist talk series promises to be just as interesting:

Picture 1

The gallery’s exhibit, Height, Width, Depth, Time: Boston Sculptors Celebrates Twenty Years, remains on view through January 27.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.


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