NYT Convicts BBC Host Jimmy Savile Of ‘Serial Child Molesting’

From Tuesday’s New York Times Business section:

Clouds Lifting Over Murdoch, He’s Out to Buy Again

News Corporation is starting to look like its old self again.

The media conglomerate, which had been on its heels for more than a year because of the phone hacking scandalin Britain, is looking to make acquisitions again. First on the list could be a 49 percent stake in the Yes Network in New York, a purchase that could aid in the formation of a new nationwide sports network to compete with ESPN . . .

“Rupert has his mojo back,” said Todd Juenger, a media analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein. “The stock is up, investors are happy with the company’s recent decisions.”

But then, the Times report says this:

In the last several weeks, Mr. Murdoch has exuded a satisfaction and sure-footedness that people close to the company said they had not seen since before Mr. Murdoch’s British newspaper unit became embroiled in a phone hacking scandal. That is in part because hacking has been overtaken in the press by an unfolding scandal at the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The BBC, which Mr. Murdoch and his son James have frequently criticized, is accused of canceling a news program’s segment about serial child molesting committed by longtime host Jimmy Savile, and broadcasting false reports of pedophilia about a member of Margaret Thatcher’s administration.

Wait – isn’t that supposed to be alleged serial child molesting?

Or has the Times dispensed with such niceties, given its new CEO Mark Thompson’s connection to the scandal?

Just askin’.


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