Not A News Flash: William Dorcena (Rest His Political Soul) Is Running For Mayor Of Boston

For the past two decades, Boston mayoral races against Tom (Mayor for Life) Menino have been where challengers go to die.

Call the roll: Jim Brett (1993), Peggy Davis-Mullen (2001), Maura Hennigan (2005), Michael Flaherty (2009) – all  of whom went down like the Hindenburg.

Now comes William Dorcena, who sent the hardworking staff this Facebook message:

His pitch:

I believe that Boston is the best city on Earth, without a doubt. I was born, raised and educated here.

However, business as usual in city government is not good enough. Too many children are not attending our colleges and universities, countless youth fall victim to senseless violence, and local jobs continue to evade Boston residents.

We can do better, and as Mayor, I will lead Boston to a more prosperous future for all who live, work and play here. It is time for the people’s voices to be heard and respected again.

On Thursday, November 15, I will lay out my vision for Boston’s future. Bring a friend, family member or just yourself. This campaign will be won with your support and my determination to stand up and fight for the interest of the people.

I look forward to seeing you and sharing my vision with you.

-Will Dorcena

We’ve heard that song somewhere before, no?

Regardless, Dorcena has been planning his run for the past year, as witness this Dorchester Reporter piece from January:

Dorcena eyes mayoral run as Sanon launches another bid for City Council
Two months after finishing in sixth place in a seven-way scrum for four City Council At-Large seats, Hyde Park’s William Dorcena said he is campaigning for City Hall’s top job in 2013. Dorcena’s campaign launch was first noted by a sympathetic blog, “Marry in Massachusetts.”

Dorcena grew up in Uphams Corner, like his sister, state Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry, who has been estranged from him for a number of years. Rep. Forry is married to Reporter managing editor Bill Forry.

Dorcena becomes the second candidate to announce a mayoral bid. (Mayor Menino has not yet publicly said whether he is running for a sixth term.) The first, Charles Clemons, co-founder of TOUCH 106.1 FM, made the announcement at his 50th birthday party in August.

Wait – Dorcena’s estranged from his sister? To the point that the Dorchester Reporter makes a point of it? What’s that about?

The hardwondering staff will keep you posted.


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