It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Globe Wins The Senate Endorsement Bakeoff)

As old friend Dan Kennedy noted yesterday at Media Nation, the Boston Globe has published a smashmouth endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate that tunes up Scott Brown pretty good.

In Senate, Warren would lead where Brown has fallen short

Ted Kennedy has been dead for more than three years, but his shadow hangs over the battle for his old seat between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren. It’s the people’s seat, all right, and the citizens of Massachusetts deserve a senator who can represent their interests and their values . . .

After three years in office, Brown can point to a few high-profile instances when he’s bucked his party. But his longer-term priorities — the issues on which he would stake his career — aren’t easily discernible. In the Senate, he’s held back on divisive matters like repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” often making up his mind after most of his colleagues have already weighed in. By then, it’s too late for him to have a major impact. Meanwhile, vital Massachusetts needs like medical research and renewable energy aren’t properly addressed. As a political moderate, Brown has major clout in a polarized Senate — but Massachusetts has too little to show for it. The problem is less with Brown’s political skills, which are obvious, or his centrist values, than in his conception of the job. He often seems to view being a senator as an exercise in political positioning.

After issuing its full-throated endorsement of Warren, the Globe editorial wraps things up with one last swipe at Brown . . .

Read the rest at IGTLTDT.


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