‘Break Up The Giants!’

The hardworking staff, which grew up in New York during the ’50s, never hated the Giants for moving to San Francisco in 1957. We outsourced that to our relatives in Queens, the same way we let our cousins in Brooklyn hate the Dodgers.

But this baseball postseason we’ve downright liked the Giants, not in the Facebook sense but in the real world.

Where they beat the Cincinnati Reds in the Queen City three times after dropping two at home in the NLDS.

Where they beat the St. Louis Cardinals after falling behind 3-1 in the NLCS.

And where they swept the Detroit Tigers in the World Serious.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Scutaro’s RBI hit lifts Giants to title

They say the best team does not always win the World Series. Sometimes the hottest team swoops in and flies away with the trophy.

Baseball lovers across the world can spend the months between now and spring training arguing whether the Giants were the best in 2012, or whether they merely had the hottest hand when all of the chips were in the middle of the table.

The Giants can be forgiven for not joining the debate, at least not now. They are too busy celebrating San Francisco’s second championship in three seasons, which they went overtime to clinch on a frigid Sunday night at Comerica Park.

They won 4-3 when Marco Scutaro, the little Giant whom teammates call “Blockbuster,” hit a two-out RBI single against Phil CokeSergio Romo struck out the side – finishing with a called third strike on Miguel Cabrera – to set off a celebration in San Francisco the likes of which the city has not seen in oh, about two years.

That’s totally Frisco, yeah?



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