Rest Easy, Brookliners: The Single-Space Parking Meters Are Back In Coolidge Corner

As the hardworking staff noted last spring, there’s been a major kerfuffle in Brookline over the parking meters in Coolidge Corner and elsewhere.

The People’s Republic of Brookline is all aTwitter over the new multispace parking meters that recently replaced single-space meters around town.

From Sunday’s Boston Globe:

Outcry over new parking meters

An outcry against the multispace parking meters that replaced hundreds of single-space meters in Brookline last year has convinced Town Administrator Mel Kleckner that it’s time for the town to reverse course.

Kleckner is proposing a plan to remove almost all of the multispace meters that were installed along Brookline streets at the beginning of 2011 at a cost of more than $1 million. Hired by the town in the fall of 2010, Kleckner said he’s been dealing with complaints about the multispace meter system through most of his tenure.

“I just don’t think it’s convenient enough, and for whatever reason it has really created a problem,” said Kleckner. “It’s a big problem. I think it makes the town look bad.”

Well, the multispace meters now have plastic garbage bags covering them, and the single-space meters are back in place.

So does that make the town look good? Or just one million dollars worse?

Back in the ’70s, our great friend Kate Whelan coined the phrase “Foolish Corner” (George’s Folly was still in business then).

She didn’t know the half of it.


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