Three From The Note

From ABC’s The Note, a trifecta of third-party ads:

NRA: National Rifle Advertising

“After the National Rifle Association endorsed Mitt Romney for president last Thursday, the group has aired its first TV ad of the 2012 election season attacking President Obama. The new ad accuses Obama of ‘chipping away at your rights, chipping away at your freedom.’ The NRA’s political arm, NRA Political Victory Fund, said  it would spend about $1.5 million this week to air  the ad in Ohio, Virginia, Florida  and Wisconsin, all critical battlegrounds. The group said it planned to air TV ads in swing states through Election Day.”

The spot:


Aux armes, citoyens!


SEAL-Boating Obama

“The group Veterans for a Strong America released an ad on Thursday featuring the family of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2011, alleging that Obama administration national-security leaks endangered their lives and their son’s. A spokesman for the group said it plans to air the ad on TV but has not yet reserved any air time.”

The spot:


That should SEAL the deal for a significant number of voters, yeah?


Colorado’s Planned Parent-ad

“Planned Parenthood Votes says it will spend $800,000 airing a TV ad in Colorado featuring footage of Mitt Romney pledging to cut Planned Parenthood funding. A narrator says: “Mitt Romney would turn back the clock for women … Today, millions of women rely on Planned Parenthood health centers for basic health care, including life-saving cancer screenings. And millions more know, we should be making our personal medical decisions, not Mitt Romney.”

The spot:


Turn back the clock? The hardworking staff votes for 1952.


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2 Responses to Three From The Note

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Any idean how Obama has chipped away at gun rights during the past four years? Such as by signing legislation allowing you to carry firearms into national parks?

    That the NRA has resorted to running an ad that seems more about the national debt than gun rights tells you how the NRA doesn’t really have anything to complain about on gun policy.

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