Sarah Palin’s Big Makeover (Big Deal)

From our State of the Union Regress desk:

New York magazine’s The Cut blog (tip o’ the pixel to the Missus):

Sarah Palin’s Hollywood Makeover: Frosted Lips, Hair

Migrating south from her native tundra to the relative tropics of L.A., Sarah Palin shed her news anchor hairdo and pundit power suit. After a period of intense metamorphosis described as “shopping with her daughter Willow … facials and manicures at a nail salon, shopped at Kmart, and stopped for some lunch at KFC,” she emerged, “noticeably thinner & different.”

To emulate the native garb of Hollywood moms (Tish Cyrus, Dina Lohan) she strapped on a pair of sky-high wedges and arranged her hair in a “messy updo.” Her layered tees fell off her shoulder. She stroked the seat of her ornate jeans. She parted her pink-frosted lips and she smiled.

The hardworking staff, on the other hand, frowned.


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1 Response to Sarah Palin’s Big Makeover (Big Deal)

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    I have to admit, though, Palin is much better qualified to be Vice President than Paul Ryan, that career politician who has spent his entire adult life inside the beltway, administering nothing larger than a Congressional staff.

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