Legal’s Latest Ad: Hook, Line, And Stinker

Those madcap boys at Legal Sea Foods have another one of their die-laughing ads in the Boston Globe today:

Call me the Mayor of Fogeyville, but these ads are profoundly unfunny. And the TV spots are no better:


Rule of thumb: In seafood restaurant advertising, the only thing that should be dead is the fish.


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3 Responses to Legal’s Latest Ad: Hook, Line, And Stinker

  1. “Profoundly unfunny” exactly sums it up. And not because it’s “black humor” — it’s just not funny.

  2. Al says:

    I thought the “T” employees who griped about the fish ads on the “T” trolleys were off the mark, and too full of themselves. OTOH, I saw this ad this evening in the business section of the Globe, and thought it was kind of classless. It was even located a couple of pages from the obits. Am I supposed to want to go out and buy some fish from Legal after seeing it? Roger Berkowitz needs a refresher course in the difference between cheeky and tasteless.

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