Scott Brown Notches Another Democratic Mayor

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-How You Like Me Now?) has added to his ex-mayoral stable of crossover supporters (Ray Flynn defection here) with this new TV spot featuring former Worcester mayor Konnie Lukes (D-Fold My Laundry, Scott).


Brown was so excited, he tweeted:

Excellent! Except the only mayoral endorsement that really counts, as everyone knows, is Tom Menino’s.

Wake us when he decides what to do (if anything – doing nothing hurts Elizabeth Warren, helps Brown, yes?).


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7 Responses to Scott Brown Notches Another Democratic Mayor

  1. So, Warren has to waste time scrounging through former GOP elected officials for endorsements? Won’t be hard in Massachusetts.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Mumbles can count?
    Well, I guess he CAN count campaign contributions…
    …And count on the sheep to vote for him, along with the dead and the City’s vultures.

  3. Yeah, the “Democratic city hack pol” stuff never gets old. Got any great lines about “workers leaning on their shovels”?

  4. Michael Pahre says:

    Ray Flynn wasn’t really a victory: he has a recent history of supporting any candidate who is pro-life, regardless of affiliation.

    I called him up once to ask why he was supporting a particular candidate for Boston City Council. He gave two reasons: the guy knew his son and his position on abortion. Abortion is an irrelevant issue for a city councilor. But it has become a cause for Flynn in his twilight years.

    As for Menino: “He did hint that a Warren endorsement would be coming…” Endorsements are often pocketed by campaigns to roll out at an opportune time.

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