Scott Brown: In Like Flynn

Former Boston mayor/Vatican ambassador Ray Flynn has cut a TV spot supporting Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Hey, I’m Ecumenical!).

Via Politico’s Morning Score:

 Ray Flynn, the former Democratic mayor of Boston, explains why he is breaking from his party to support Scott Brown in a new 30-second ad that will begin airing statewide today. “Scott Brown is a person that I have great admiration for,” he says. “I have found him to be a regular guy, honest, hardworking. He’s also an independent voice. I’m a Democrat but I’m tired of all the polarization, the pettiness, the bickering. Scott Brown is a person that you can work with. I mean, I’ve been involved in politics for almost 50 years. That’s the name of the game — electing people you can trust.” Flynn’s a South Boston guy, and this ad is a reminder that Elizabeth Warren has a problem with the blue-collar Catholics that constituted Flynn’s base. He was mayor from 1984 until 1993, when he resigned to become Bill Clinton’s ambassador to the Vatican. This spot will run in each of the state’s markets (Boston, Springfield, Providence and Albany), as well as on statewide cable.

The spot:


The question:

Does Ray Flynn actually have a constituency anymore? God (or the Vatican) only knows.


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6 Responses to Scott Brown: In Like Flynn

  1. I’m neither, but I know the answer : no.

  2. Bill says:

    One of the many, many reasons I stopped watching almost all local news stations was that when Flynnwas appointed to that Vatican role, the local TV news stations–which can’t be bothered with most real stories–sent reporters along with him when he was formally installed, to cover the so-called story. They made what should have been a basic news story, 30 seconds at most, into a three-day trip story. So whilhe they don’t have people or $ for hard-digging local news, they all had resources to cover this–and they covered it as if it was as significant as the first moon landing. And the tone of coverage was fawning, too, as if he had discovered the cure for cancer. Ridiculous to the max.

  3. JBurke says:

    Over the years I’ve voted both ways in both Massachusetts races and Federal races, and Ray Flynn carries zero weight/influence with me. In fact his endorsement just makes me suspicious that there’s a payoff in here somewhere. Scott Brown actually is a “normal” guy, he couldn’t make a living as a lawyer so he went into state politics to get a free ride, and then lucked into the MA senate race when Ted K. died. But don’t be confused, his voting record is NOT bipartisan, it is solidly Republican, he votes party, not Mass. interests. I could care less what vehicle he drives, I don’t like lazy guys who actually are NOT indpendent but who say they are to protect their jobs.

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  5. MichaelC says:

    Let’s recall a little history. In his pre-mayoral days as a state representative and city councilor from South Boston, Ray Flynn was best known for being against desegregation and for legislation prohibiting a woman from making decisions about her own pregnancy. Flynn was a notorious drinker, hushed up by his friends in the media including editors at the city’s leading newspapers who were among his drinking buddies. Regarded as an effective friend of the neighborhoods during his first two terms as mayor, his later appointments smacked of cronyism, incompetence, and corruption. He himself was the subject of investigations. So when Bill Clinton took the remarkable step of sending Ray Flynn as his ambassador to the Vatican, the whole city breathed a sigh of relief. As Flynn was planning to run for Governor in 1994, he was hit by a headline in the Boston Globe (that had finally stopped hiding the truth about his peccadilloes), “Once Massachusetts’ Most Popular Politician, Ray Flynn is Now Its Favorite Political Joke.” Flynn’s public role since then has consisted largely of aiding the Vatican’s fight against women’s rights. This is who Scott Brown brought out of the shadows to endorse his bona fides as a regular guy. The likeliest reason is that Brown has assured Flynn of his continued opposition to abortion rights.

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