Let The Massachusetts Ballot Question Rumpus Begin!

Well the Missus and the hardworking staff were watching the latest episode of the car-wreck-interesting USA limited series Political Animals when this spot popped up:


The sponsor? The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition, an outfit promoting one of the three ballot questions facing Bay State voters in November. (The other two propose to legalize medical marijuana and legalize assisted suicide. We’ll get to them in the near future, no doubt.)

All due respect to Monica S. of Taunton, though, this is really a big-bucks battle between auto manufacturers (BMW, Chrysler, Ford, and etc.) and auto parts manufacturers (NAPA, MIDAS, and etc.).

(Primer here.)

The hardworking staff has no idea which side is on our side in this donnybrook, so we’ll be consulting our trusty mechanic of 40 years Friendly Fred from Morrison’s Auto-Rite in the coming days.

We’ll keep you posted.


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2 Responses to Let The Massachusetts Ballot Question Rumpus Begin!

  1. al says:

    If you are trusting your trusty mechanic, Friendly Fred, then you have telegraphed the answer to the question which side is our side. otherwise you would have been trusting Chuck Chevy of your local GM dealership. Personally, I’m all for allowing all mechanics access to all codes and information to let them do repair on my car and keep it away from my the dealer who sold my car. I’ve never had any confidence that their service setup was any more than an effort to create more repair opportunities for themselves. They were always too aggressive about it. Their position on the ballot question is just an effort to keep control over the golden goose.

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