Is This The First Mr. Elizabeth Warren Sighting?

From yesterday’s Boston Globe:

Warren and Brown share July 12 anniversary date

Table for four at L’Espalier?

Perhaps not.

But after months of jabbing each other with insults and attacks, Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown – and their spouses — will celebrate a warmer milestone Thursday, if not together, at least with the same spirit.

In a moment of serendipity, the bitter rivals for the US Senate, who seem to agree on so little, both said, “I do,” on July 12, albeit six years apart.

Warren and her husband, fellow Harvard Law professor Bruce Mann, were married in a congregational church in Farmington, Conn., on July 12, 1980, and are now marking 32 years of legal briefs, dinner parties, and dishes together.

Brown and his wife, television reporter Gail Huff, were married on July 12, 1986, at the Tufts University chapel in Medford, making it 26 years of omelet-making, triathlons, and basketball games.

Photos of the loving couples:



Susan Werner Photography –

Which got the hardworking staff to thinking: Is this the first time we’ve seen Mr. Elizabeth Warren?

We think so.

Tell us if we ‘re wrong (as you always do).

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5 Responses to Is This The First Mr. Elizabeth Warren Sighting?

  1. Sure, but does he have a curious hand?

  2. Susan Werner says:

    Can I please have the photo credit? Susan Werner Photography –
    Please put it right next to the photo. I worked hard on this.
    Thanks. ( please get in the habit of crediting the photographer )

  3. supersue888 says:

    Hello, Can I ask you to please put my photo credit next to the photo of Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann? I worked hard on that shoot, and I deserve this. Thank You.
    Susan Werner Photography –

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