Spacebook: 13 Million US Facebookers Don’t Use Privacy Controls

A Consumer Reports investigation reveals that a fair chunk of Facebookniks are pretty casual about protecting their privacy.

Via the Boston Globe:

Nearly 13 million US Facebook users do not use, or are not aware of, the site’s privacy controls, according to a Consumer Reports investigation on Facebook and privacy. As a result, users are potentially exposing personal information beyond their network of Facebook friends.

The report also revealed that a projected 4.8 million people have posted about where they planned to go on a certain day, a potential tip-off to burglars, while 4.7 million have “liked” a Facebook page about health conditions or treatments, details that insurers might use against them.

That’s 13 out of 150 million US users, or roughly 8.5%. Considering that Mark (DataSuckah) Zuckerberg strip-mines data under even the tightest privacy controls, it’s hard to imagine how far he gets with people who don’t have any.

(Full disclosure: The hardworking staff has chosen no privacy settings, mostly because we’ve chosen not to share anything of value on Facebook.)

But for all your hyperactive Facebooknauts, forewarned is forearmed.

P.S. The Consumer Reports link above includes plenty of practical advice for protecting your data, as much as is possible on Facebook.

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2 Responses to Spacebook: 13 Million US Facebookers Don’t Use Privacy Controls

  1. I deleted my personal FB page when it asked for a “back-up” email address for me — and offered a drop-down menu of every email address I’ve ever had. It *literally* knew who I was.

    It occurs to me you may be interested in a guest lecture from a friend who works in the “data aggregation” business. We think we know how bad it is, but he knows how much worse than that it really is.

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