Facehook: Selling Mobile-Only Ads

In its never-ending quest to generate ad-itional revenues, Facebook has trashcanned its policy of selling desktop and mobile advertising as a package. Via All Things D:

Facebook Would Like to Sell You a Mobile Ad

A frequent refrain from the growing number of Facebook bears: The company doesn’t know how to make money on mobile, even though its users spend a ton of time there.

Here’s a small step in the right direction: Facebook will now let advertisers place messages on its mobile apps, without having to pay for desktop placement as well.

But here’s the Sneak ADtack part:

Recall that Facebook didn’t have any mobile ads at all until the end of February, when it rolled out a plan where marketers could claim part of users’ feeds with content that doubled as ads.

Content that doubles as ads.

Say hello to the News World Order.

Originally posted on the Newer! Improveder! Sneak ADtack!

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1 Response to Facehook: Selling Mobile-Only Ads

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    My, my, taking the product placement technique to new heights.

    I guess Zuckerberg needs a lot of money to pay people back for his deceptive IPO.

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