Planned Parenthood Ad Says Mitt Romney Is The Wrong Choice For Women

In a $1.4 million ad campaign, Planned Parenthood is trying to convince voters in three swing states that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is a presumptive disaster for American women.

Via BuzzFeed:

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund formally endorsed President Barack Obama today, and launched a $1.4 million ad buy against his Republican opponent.

The ad highlights Romney’s pledge to defund the organization and belief that the Supreme Court should overturn Roe vs. Wade. It also features a Romney adviser telling reporters “we’ll get back to you on that,” when asked about whether the former Massachusetts governor supports equal pay legislation.

It will air in West Palm Beach, FL, Des Moines, IA, the suburbs of northern Virginia, and Washington, DC, according to a spokeswoman for the organization.

The spot:


This isn’t business as usual for Planned Parenthood, as ABC’s The Note notes:

PLANNED PARENTHOOD ENDORSES OBAMA. From the Planned Parenthood Action Fund: “Planned Parenthood Action Fund announces its endorsement of President Barack Obama for president and simultaneously launches its first major ad campaign of the 2012 election cycle.  … This marks only the third time that Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed a candidate for president.  This is the first in a series of planned ads for the cycle that will hold Mitt Romney accountable for his out-of-touch and harmful views on women’s health.”

In other words, Mitt Romney: No choice.

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3 Responses to Planned Parenthood Ad Says Mitt Romney Is The Wrong Choice For Women

  1. What, they don’t see the benefit of a large, uneducated, desperate, work force?

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