David Axelrod Is Full Of It

House of Obama consigliere David Axelrod tweeted this yesterday:

This, as it happens, is a piece in Politico:

GOP groups plan record $1 billion blitz

Republican super PACs and other outside groups shaped by a loose network of prominent conservatives – including Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – plan to spend roughly $1 billion on November’s elections for the White House and control of Congress, according to officials familiar with the groups’ internal operations.

Anyone who cares about our democracy should be appalled by this? That’s rich coming from a guy who helped spend $750 million on one campaign in 2008.

C’mon, Axelrod. Rejoin the real world.

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5 Responses to David Axelrod Is Full Of It

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Axelrod has Bob Gibbs helping him with his presentations.

    Even if he tried to join the real world, it would take longer than he has left on earth.

  2. Isn’t this apples and oranges?
    Weren’t the limits and disclosure rules a lot different with the Obama 2008 campaign than they are for 2012 SuperPACs?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Don’t care about the rules, Stephen. Just care about the money.

      • Well, the $1B is on TOP of the money raised by the candidate (which will be more on both sides than in 2008). And there’s no accountability for the money Alexrod was highlighting. (At least no PUBLIC accountability – I’m sure the candidates know who’s funding the SuperPACs.)

      • Campaign Outsider says:

        Fair enough, Stephen, but I still think it’s the pot calling the kettle.

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