The New Barnes Museum Gets Boffo Reviews (Mostly)

The legendary Barnes Foundation has been a slow-motion train wreck the past few years, as efforts to move its iconic museum from its original location in Merion, PA to new digs near the Philadelphia Art Museum have been subject to an epic legal battle.

But the deed is done, and the move is made.

The New York Times gave its imprimatur to the new Barnes Foundation home on Friday’s front page.

A Museum, Reborn, Remains True to Its Old Self, Only Better

Nut graf:

 Against all odds, the museum that opens to the public on Saturday is still very much the old Barnes, only better.

It is easier to get to, more comfortable and user-friendly, and, above all, blessed with state-of-the-art lighting that makes the collection much, much easier to see. And Barnes’s exuberant vision of art as a relatively egalitarian aggregate of the fine, the decorative and the functional comes across more clearly, justifying its perpetuation with a new force.

But not every critic is taken with the new incarnation, as this Los Angeles Times piece indicates.

For a Once-Around-the-Park-James overview, see Arts Journal’s CultureGrrl post here.

Regardless, we’re guessing the hardlooking staff (and the Missus, of course) will be taking a field trip to Philly pretty soon.

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  1. Wow that guy in that picture has skinny arms.

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