It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (President Romney Edition)

In the wake of the Romney campaign’s launching its Day One ad, the Boston Herald certainly seems to have beaten the Boston Globe in terms of coverage today.

The Globe ran this AP item:

Romney ad lists priorities on Day One in Oval Office

Mitt Romney’s first general election TV commercial promises he would introduce tax cuts and approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline on the first day of his presidency.

The Republican candidate released the ad Friday, coupling it with a fund-raising pitch. The spot is upbeat, in contrast to an ad President Obama is running that criticizes Romney as a businessman. Romney has called the Obama ad “character assassination.’’

In Romney’s commercial, his first since becoming the presumptive nominee, an announcer asks: “What would a Romney presidency be like?’’

“Day One: President Romney immediately approves the Keystone pipeline, creating thousands of jobs that Obama blocked,’’ the announcer declares, referring to a pipeline Obama has delayed. Republicans insist his decision shows Obama’s hostility toward the energy industry.

“President Romney introduces tax cuts and reforms that reward job creators, not punish them,’’ the announcer says, repeating a familiar Republican theme.

Then, in an effort to ease conservative skepticism, the announcer says: “President Romney issues order to begin replacing Obamacare with common-sense health care reform.’’

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed into law a health care overhaul that was a model for Obama’s health care law. Conservatives oppose the law’s requirement that individuals purchase health insurance or face penalties.

Romney does not speak in the ad.

The ad ignores Congress’s role in fulfilling these promises, especially on the health care law. A full repeal would require votes from Republican majorities in both the House and Senate or Democratic support for repeal. Republicans control the House and have voted to repeal the law. But Democrats control the Senate, and the balance of power on Capitol Hill would have to shift in order to make Romney’s pledge a reality.


The Herald, by contrast, has this red-meat column by Hillary Chabot:

Mitt Romney aide rips Obama ads

Says Prez first to focus on ‘negative’

HILLSBOROUGH, N.H. — In the wake of a conservative Super PAC’s aborted plan to resurrect President Obama’s controversial former pastor as a campaign issue, Mitt Romney’s political mastermind yesterday accused the White House of being the first to take the low road — by resorting to vicious attack ads like one portraying the former Bay State governor as a vampire capitalist.

The mastermind: Eric-a-Sketch Fehrnstrom.

The vicious attack ad:


The thing Chabot left out:


That’s a smashmouth ad from Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS gang, an ad that’s been roasted by fact-check sites as being almost wholly inaccurate. (Samples here and here.)

So the Herald’s coverage may seem more extensive. But sometimes more is less.

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