Scott Brown Shot One-For-Five? Hey – So Did Barack Obama!

The Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson had this scoop on the celebrated half-court basketball swish by Sen. Scott Brown (R-It’s Not Girly To Shoot Underhand):

Brown’s ‘amazing’ basket came after four missed shots

Sinking a half-court shot is the latest testament to “Downtown Scotty Brown’s’’ basketball prowess, but it turns out it wasn’t quite the lucky basket it appeared to be.

An aide confirmed for the Globe Thursday that Brown sunk the shot, but on the fifth attempt.

The shot heard ’round the Web:


But before you pass judgment on Brown, consider this:

Barack Obama did exactly the same thing.

Here’s the Preezy of the United Steezy sinking a three-pointer (see 1:50) at the White House Easter festivities, compliments of the Obamaganda West Wing Week:


And here’s what really happened:


Braack Obama: One-for-five.

Scott Brown: One-for-five.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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4 Responses to Scott Brown Shot One-For-Five? Hey – So Did Barack Obama!

  1. I think they’re both a couple of Class A dorkwads.

  2. Michael Pahre says:

    Obama wasn’t shootin’ no half-court shot. More like from the three-point arc.

    And Brown shoots his half-court shot underhanded??? Does he do granny-shots for free-throws?

    I’ve been Rickrolled.

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