Boston Herald Achieves Tabloid Nirvana

All too often the Boston Herald is merely a lively index to the Boston Globe – not reckless or lurid enough to rival uber-tabloids like the New York Post or the Daily News.

But today’s Herald is something special.

Exhibit A:

Cops: Husband killed, ate wife

With his mother dead in a blood-soaked bedroom and his father sitting on the floor next to her — apparently having feasted on his wife’s flesh — a man who’d moved his elderly parents from China to Shrewsbury mere months ago found himself helpless in the face of a horrific discovery that has shaken and shocked even veteran law enforcement officials.

“It’s a very disturbing scene,” Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said of the carnage that unfolded in a tidy condo complex where authorities say Jiemieng Liu, 79, murdered his wife, Yuee Zhou, 73, then ate part of her forearm and chanted a haunting mantra — “This is not your mother” — when their adult son arrived.

“I haven’t seen this in Worcester County,” Early said of the apparent cannibalism. “None of the police officers that were working the scene have seen this type of homicide before.”


Exhibit B:

Killer’s bid for new trial stirs ‘rage’ in victim’s dad

A bid for a new trial by the man convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing Robert Curley’s 10-year-old son had him in a rage on Good Friday, of all days.

“It’s Easter weekend, and I’m sitting here like I want to kill this guy. It’s crazy,” Curley said of 57-year-old Charles Jaynes, the man convicted of killing his son.

“No time is good time to feel this way, but particularly on Easter weekend, I’ve got to sit here with all this rage and hatred, and be all riled up,” he said. “He has a glimmer of hope that he may get out of prison one day. And I don’t want him to have any hope that he may get out of there.”

Double yikes.

To paraphrase e.e. cummings, How do you like your blueeyed tabloid, Mr. Death?

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1 Response to Boston Herald Achieves Tabloid Nirvana

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    It appears that following the Chinese immigrant story, the Herald set a record for the number of comments that had to be deleted. Considering the nature of the events described, WHY have comments at all? The Globe, either at or, very often doesn’t open up certain stories to comments.

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