It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Tim Cahill Indictment Edition III)

Day Three of Cahillpalooza features contrasting coverage in the local dailies.

Both have news stories about former Treasurer Tim Cahill pleading not guilty in a Suffolk County court to charges of public corruption.

Boston Globe:

Cahill pleads not guilty to charges

AG alleges former treasurer bypassed lottery managers

Boston Herald:

AG: Tim Cahill gambled on image boost

But as often happens in cases like this, the Herald had something extra, starting with Margery Eagan’s column:

Making a mountain out of a Cahill?

(Hey – I said that too!)


Are criminal indictments against Tim Cahill good or bad for the political future of Attorney General Martha Coakley, long criticized for failing to go after corruption around here?

I was stunned yesterday by all the political insiders, Democrats and Republicans, whose sentiments were similar to a longtime operative who told me this: “She has done something that no one else could do. Martha Coakley has made me feel sorry for Tim Cahill.”

All those folks (and all the journalists who’ve questioned Coakley’s criminal pursuit of Cahill) got a good scolding from the Herald editorial page:

Crossing the line

Folks in this town who really ought to know better have responded to the corruption charges against Tim Cahill by suggesting that there’s more smoke to Attorney General Martha Coakley’s case than fire. We invite anyone who thinks Cahill’s actions in 2010 fell into a legal gray area to peruse the commonwealth’s statement of the case against the former treasurer.

And etc.

It’s worth reading the whole piece, though, because it’s one more indication of how Rorschachy the Cahill case has become.

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