Peggy Noodnik Writes Again (Obama The Operator Edition)

In this week’s edition of Peggy Through the Looking Glass, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan pegs President Obama as the “Not-So-Smooth Operator.”

Something’s happening to President Obama’s relationship with those who are inclined not to like his policies. They are now inclined not to like him. His supporters would say, “Nothing new there,” but actually I think there is. I’m referring to the broad, stable, nonradical, non-birther right. Among them the level of dislike for the president has ratcheted up sharply the past few months.

It’s not due to the election, and it’s not because the Republican candidates are so compelling and making such brilliant cases against him. That, actually, isn’t happening.

What is happening is that the president is coming across more and more as a trimmer, as an operator who’s not operating in good faith. This is hardening positions and leading to increased political bitterness. And it’s his fault, too. As an increase in polarization is a bad thing, it’s a big fault.

It’s all about the contraception issue, Noonan says, regarding which Obama pulled a bait-and-switch on all righteous religious people. Which, she says, is typical of Obama, who will exit the White House (soon or later) blaming Republicans for not working with him.

He will likely not see even then that an American president has to make the other side work with him. You think Tip O’Neill liked Ronald Reagan? You think he wanted to give him the gift of compromise? He was a mean, tough partisan who went to work every day to defeat Ronald Reagan. But forced by facts and numbers to deal, he dealt. So did Reagan.

An American president has to make cooperation happen.

But we’ve strayed from the point. Mr. Obama has a largely nonexistent relationship with many, and a worsening relationship with some.

Really, he cannot win the coming election. But the Republicans, still, can lose it. At this point in the column we usually sigh.

And at this point in a Peggy Noodnik column the hardworking staff usually laughs.

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2 Responses to Peggy Noodnik Writes Again (Obama The Operator Edition)

  1. Progressives started laughing way back at her suggestion that Obama didn’t “compromise” or “work with” Republicans.

  2. Alan Grossberg says:

    I don’t know what planet Peggy Noonan lives on, but wherever it is she apparently missed the memo of (non)co-operation from Mitch McConnell: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” He made this cordial statement, by the way, even before the 2010 mid-terms.

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