Mass. GOP Voters: We’re Number . . . Last!

From Saturday’s New York Times:

Primary Turnout Could Signal Trouble for G.O.P.

After presidential primaries or caucuses in 28 states, voters are sending a potentially troubling message to the Republican Party: We aren’t necessarily as excited about the campaign as you think.

By some important measures, voting analysts say, turnout is down in the Republican nominating contests compared with 2008, defying the widespread assumption that Republicans would line up in huge numbers for a chance to evict President Obama from the White House.

That spells trouble for likely presidential nominee Mitt Romney (R-Is Rick Santorum Gone Yet?), who “has had particular trouble energizing urban and suburban voters — typically moderates and swing voters — who would be vital to him against Mr. Obama.”

Turnout was down among independents in Florida and Michigan, but Romney’s numbers in Massachusetts might be the most alarming for the Mittniks.

Helpful chart from the Times piece:


See that? Massachusetts turnout was down 28% – the biggest decline in the GOP primaries so far.

Not a good sign for Mitt.

Undaunted, here’s Eric (A Sketch) Fehrnstrom in the Times piece:

“There will be no enthusiasm gap for Mitt Romney in the general,” said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney senior adviser. “Barack Obama will be the single biggest unifier the Republican Party has ever seen.”

File under: Whistling past the graveyard.

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1 Response to Mass. GOP Voters: We’re Number . . . Last!

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    This election, like most in a divided electorate, will depend upon where the unaffiliated middle goes.

    As of now, the middle is not rushing to Obama’s aid.

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