Joe Biden Values And Respects The Hardworking Staff

Fan mail from some flounder:

Friend —

I’m officially back on the campaign trail. And it feels great to be out there.

Because really, what being on the campaign trail means to me is simple: talking to you.

What supporters across the country are thinking about right now is what’s going to be on our minds every day between now and Election Day. And for four years after that.

So I’d like to ask you one question right now: Of all the issues important to you, what’s the bottom-line reason you’re with us in this fight?

You can answer that question here.

We’ve all got a dog in this fight.

For some folks, it’s making sure we’re continuing to create millions of good jobs here at home, and building an economy that’s made to last — not for the next election cycle or the next couple years, but for the long run. Or the idea that we ought to be protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare for future generations of Americans.

We want to take each of those reasons, and drill them into this thing we’re building together.

And right now, I’m asking for your help. Let us know what’s on your mind, and help shape the conversation in the months to come:

I’ll see you out there.

– Joe

A regular Joe, no?

The hardworking staff is reserving judgment.

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