It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Scorpions-In-A-Bowl Edition)

In the ongoing coverage of Kevin White’s death, both Boston dailies include pieces today on his administration’s Bright Young Things,  described this way to the Boston Herald by once and future scorpion George Regan:

“It wasn’t for the faint of heart. It was like a bunch of scorpions in a bowl. If you could survive that, you could survive anything.”

The Herald singles out current U.S. Rep. Barney Frank and a handful of others:

Other power brokers who worked in White’s administration include: Boston Redevelopment Authority director Peter Meade, who was White’s parks commissioner; public relations mogul George Regan, who served as White’s communications director; Ira Jackson, a former chief of staff, who went on to become a top cabinet member under former Gov. Michael Dukakis, as well as head of Arizona State University and Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government; Big Dig architect Fred Salvucci, who got his start as White’s transportation adviser; and Micho Spring, a former White chief of staff, who is New England president of PR powerhouse Weber Shandwick.

Today’s Boston Globe mines the same vein, but comes up with slightly different results, substituting Boston Foundation president Paul Grogan (who the photo gallery identifies as “Peter”) and former City Council president Bruce Bolling for Ira Jackson.

Plenty of scorpions to go around, eh?

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2 Responses to It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Scorpions-In-A-Bowl Edition)

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    Funny that both papers stop at six. Coincidence, or do they want to avoid bringing back memories of the Kevin Seven?

  2. I answered a survey call around ten years ago while I was crawling around under the desk, debugging the MediaOne cable box. To establish a baseline, I was asked if I recognized a series of names of local political and civic people, and what I thought of them. Recognized all of them but one — the interviewer said nobody else all night got anywhere close to me. Only one I didn’t recognize was Paul Grogan. I’ve long since learned better. Sorry, Peter.

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