Dead Blogging The State Of The Union Address

Once around the SOTU, James, and don’t spare the horses:

• Barack Obama’s “Ballad of a Thin Man”: Send me a bill that . . .  Smart way to lay it all off on Congress.

• Osama bin Laden gets posthumous standing ovation.

• It’s 9:16, GOPniks. Do you know where your class warfare is?

• If you picked “jobs” for your drinking game, you were knee-walking by 9:29

• “The state of the union is getting stronger.” But the speech isn’t.

• Obama lumps Ford in with General Motors, Chrysler  government-funded resurrection. Except Ford didn’t take bailout money.

• Also, Obama talks about American-made cars from Detroit, Toledo, Chicago – but not Tennessee or Arkansas. Is that because American-made foreign cars don’t count? Or is it that right-to-work states don’t count?

• Obama says he won’t walk away from “the promise of clean energy.” But he does walk away from Solyndra.

• Why can’t Congress be more like a military man?

• The rest of the SOTU could only be heard by cash registers.

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