Cozy Business At The Boston Globe?

The hardworking staff is not jumping to any conclusions here, but consider this confluence of coverage:

Sunday’s Boston Globe featured this Q&A with Jennifer Chayes, managing director of Microsoft Research New England:

Where creativity meets technology

Jennifer Chayes is the Managing Director of Microsoft Research New England in Cambridge, which she cofounded in July 2008. On Wednesday, Chayes will participate in a panel discussion on the importance of STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math – to building a talent pipeline in Massachusetts. The event is part of The Boston Globe’s “Building a Better Commonwealth’’ series of discussions aimed at making Massachusetts a more desirable place to live and work. Chayes spoke to Globe reporter D.C. Denison.

So, nice little synergy going on there.

(Coincidentally, Globe kissin’ cousin New York Times also featured Microsoft Research New England in its Sunday Styles section.)

Cut to Monday’s Globe, where an ad very similar to this appeared:

Building the Talent Pipeline

Building a Better Commonwealth Forum

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Microsoft NERD Center, Cambridge, MA
(1st Floor Conference Room)

7:30-8:15am Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:15-9:30am Panel Discussion

Can Massachusetts create a better and brighter workforce by educating our younger generation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)? The impact of STEM can be seen across every industry, in almost every company, and the competitive advantages of a STEM-trained workforce cannot be ignored.

Add your expertise to this lively interactive forum discussing the effects of STEM on the talent pipeline.

It’s time to lend your voice to the conversation.


  • Jennifer Chayes, Distinguished Scientist & Managing Director, Microsoft Research New England
  • Dr. Yvonne Spicer, Vice President of Advocacy & Educational Partnerships, Museum of Science
  • Marcy Reed, President, National Grid Massachusetts
  • Jondavid “JD” Chesloff, Executive Director, Massachusetts Business Roundtable
  • David Cedrone, Executive Director, Massachusetts Governor’s STEM Advisory Council
  • Moderated by Shirley Leung, Business Editor, The Boston Globe


  • Chris Mayer, Publisher, The Boston Globe

The hardworking staff will be the first to acknowledge that this isn’t mortal synergy.

At worst, it’s venial synergy.

But it’s still kind of wrong.

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