Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Family Size Edition)

‘Tis the season to cram family members into GOP presidential primary ads.

Start with Ann Romney vouching for her husband’s “Character.”


Partial transcript:

You can never predict what kind of tough decisions are going to come in front of a president’s desk. But if you can trust they will do the right thing, and maybe the hard thing, and maybe not the popular thing, and if you really want to know how a person will operate, look at how they’ve lived their life.

Yes, well, be careful what you wish for, Ms. Romney.

Now make way for Rick Perry’s Missus, Anita:


You had to wait as your sweetheart “volunteered for the Air Force and flew planes all over the world?” You’ll have to wait a lot longer for him to be leader of the free world.

Now say hello to Ron Paul spawn Rand Paul, who vouches for his Dad’s commitment to “faith,  family, and our Constitution.”


Partial transcript:

My father Ron Paul . . . [has] always stayed true to his principles and his convictions. He won’t falter, he won’t bend . . .

Hate to break this to you, Rand, but that’s exactly what we’re afraid of.

Finally, Rick Santorum brought the whole mishpocheh.


Nice use of the pop-up video format, Rick. Let’s see if you pop up on Iowa caucus night.

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