Boston Herald Turns George Will Into A Shill

Inside-baseball-loving columnist George Will has a problem: His wife, Mari Will, is an adviser to GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry.

That doesn’t prevent Will from writing about the GOP presidential primary, but it does require him to disclose his spousal conflict of interest.

And he does, for the most part, in his syndicated columns (via the Drudge Report).

Except, apparently, when they appear in the Boston Herald.

Case in point: Will’s piece in Thursday’s Herald, which featured no such disclosure in either the dead-tree edition or the web version.

Hey, George – got a problem with that?

P.S. The hardworking staff just sent this email to George Will:

Dear Mr. Will,

The hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider applauds your stringent disclosure standards regarding your wife’s involvement in Rick Perry’s campaign, but apparently the Boston Herald does not share them.

See here in Campaign Outsider.

Questions? Comments? Bitter Recriminations?

Yours truly,
The hardworking staff

We’ll keep you posted.

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7 Responses to Boston Herald Turns George Will Into A Shill

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  2. Why in the world would Will have a problem with disclosing conflicts of interest regarding his wife? When he himself had conflicts of interest in the past, he’s never disclosed them – helping Reagan with debate preparation in 1980, then appearing on ABC as a commentator on those debates, for instance.

    This behavior is not at all new.

  3. Dan Kennedy says:

    Since the Herald doesn’t bother to disclose anything when its own columnist Holly Robichaud writes about her clients, why should it exert itself with a syndicated columnist like George Will?

  4. Personally, I think neither Will nor the Herald are anywhere near as good as this twitterer, who I find brilliant:!/MedfordMickey

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