FFRF! Humbug!

An outfit called the Freedom From Religion Foundation ran this full-page ad in Thursday’s New York Times:

The FFRF website also features billboards like this (very seasonable) one:

Judging by this news media page, the organization is very – no, hyper – active.

Dis the season . . .

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5 Responses to FFRF! Humbug!

  1. Arafat Kazi says:

    It’s perfectly cool to be a proselytizing jerk and disrespect other people’s beliefs as long as you’re doing it to promote “reason.”

  2. Laurence Glavin says:

    The Freedom From Reason Foundation is NOT just an “outfit”, a word I’m sure that you used to disparage this organization, which is a vital counterforce to unreason and fanaticism even in Ammuurrica. The overwhelming majority of people who are mindless, uncritical adherents of irrational, superstition-based belief systems do not take this position intelligently or through high-level REASONING. They do it robotically to go along with their family members, society or to prolong their lives. (In some countries, heresy=the death penalty). Case in point: a “religious” nut in the House of Representatives stated that we needn’t worry about the ocean rising because “God” promised after “the flood” that he wouldn’t do that again. “The flood” story is a fairy tale, and meanwhile, the Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA area is making plans to build barriers to the, um, RISING Atlantic Ocean waters. Unreason has consequences.

  3. Laurence Glavin says:

    No more than usual. Harrumph. Best piece of news today? George Michaels is ok,even after numerous “Christian” groups prayed for his demise apparently for some sexual peccadilloes. Modern scientific medicine overrode their invisible “sky God”. Been known to happen.

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