Scene In The Big Town (II)

Still in the Big Town, still iPadlocked so no links or graphics.


* De Kooning: A Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (through 1/9/12). The great abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning is considered by some to be the greatest American painter and one of the three best (along with Matisse and Picasso) ever. Me, I just never got him – until this show. Now I get him a little. (de Kooning once said paintings should never have “hot spots” that draw and hold the viewer’s attention. But this MOMA exhibit is a hot spot.)

* Evolution in Action at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (through 10/29/11). The exhibit “reveals the dynamic shifts that occurred mid-century in American modernism by pairing an earlier painting by each artist [14 of them, including De Kooning, Hoffman, Gotlieb, Krasner, and Rothko] with one that is more immediately representative of his or her mature, ‘signature’ style.” An engrossing exercise.

* Will Barnett: Small Works on Paper from the 1950s at Alexandre Gallery. This one, sadly is gone, but Barnett was there when the Missus and I arrived. He’s 100 years old! And sharp as Joan Rivers’ tongue.

* Georges Braque: Pioneer of Modernism at Acquavella Galleries (through 11/30/11). Picasso called Braque “ma femme” in their joint conception of Cubism, but this show demonstrates that Braque was nobody’s inferior in that movement. An eye-grabbing survey of 42 paintings and collages created across five decades.

* Occupy Times Square (through whenever). As the Missus and I made our way to the theater, we encountered the Occupyniks protesting whatever they’re protesting in Times Square, which made the Most Annoying Place on God’s Green Earth even more annoying. But some Occugal the yelled out “KEEP SHOPPING! EVERYTHING’S OKAY!” – which strangely made it okay.

* The Roundabout Theatre Company’s “Man and Boy” at the American Airlines Theatre. Frank Langella delivers yet another pitch-perfect performance in Terence Rattigan’s perceptive and prescient 1930s play.

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